Our Services Overview

    Our air import and export department provide a full range of services for the moment of goods and our operation staff has a wealth of experience in dealing with customs procedure where a hands-on approach is essential We are able to obtain the lowest air and sea rates for the benefits of our customers. Air Freight (Import & Export)

    Air Freight (Import & Export)

    We arrange speedy and efficient customs clearence3 and delivery to the customers. Air Freight Customs Clearance (Brokerage)

    Air Freight Customs Clearance (Brokerage)

    Under our JOT “just on Time” service we cover deliveries and pick-ups within the kingdom We also offer door delivery for import & export services to all major destinations through the world. Once the cargo at their destination they are handled by carefully nominated agents who can either arrange clearance and delivery to your customer or transfer the goods to their nominated representative. Transport/Delivery


    We maintain healthy and fruitful business relationship with shipping lines to get good rates, smooth and quick movement if cargo to the destination ports. We handle all nominates sea business e.g. Containerized LCL cargo, Includes RO-RO, projects, and OT container. We have enough experience to handle over dimensional, machineries cargo. Ocean Freight (import & export)

    Ocean Freight (import & export)

    We have collection system for LCL cargo from different shippers/importers and arrange consolidation worldwide, doing complete ports customs formalities for clearance to ensure speedy, efficient, for our customers. LCL loose Shipments

    LCL loose Shipments

    Our customs clearance department has experience at all ports, borders & concern Govt. department to facilitate speedy clearance. Ocean freight Customs Clearance (Brokerage)

    Ocean freight Customs Clearance (Brokerage)